In December 2020, the Association of University Museums published the catalog “Treasure Houses of Polish Academic Heritage”.

The catalog was part of the “Treasures of the Polish University Heritage” project, which also included the creation of the English-language Association of Univeristy Museums website. Apart from the paper version, the catalog is available free of charge at: “Treasures of the Polish University Heritage”.

 The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund.

Objects – Science – Knowledge. THE POLISH UNIVERSITY HERITAGE
(Excerpt from Introduction)

Treasures House of Polish Academic Heritage is the first English-language catalogue presenting Poland’s academic heritage. Its aim is to reinforce the identity of Polish university museums and their collections and to present the most valuable objects from 105 of these museums. The museums and collections presented in the catalogue include the most important objects, which differ in character, origin and age. Their common denominator is their association with the university and the history of academia in its broadest sense. Safeguarding and promoting the diversity of cultural and natural monuments continues to be one of the main challenges of the 21st century and university museums and their collections have a fundamental role to play in this. Moreover, museums – as centres for the transmission of culture, intercultural dialogue, learning, discussion and teaching – also have an important role in education, social integration and sustainable development. These university entities have enormous potential to influence society, make it aware of the value of cultural and natural heritage and its responsibility to protect them. The reason for this is that university museums and collections function in a realm that lies in the midst of the academic world, the world of museums, and society and it is these elements that determine how they function. According to Professor P. de Maret: ‘university museums must become a revolving light, highly visible on top of or at the centre of the academic tower, highlighting the values, the traditions, and the role of our Alma Mater’. The preparation of a catalogue on Poland’s academic heritage and history of science in English is in response to the huge interest shown in the Polish language version as well as the growing interest in Polish universities and their achievements – also among foreign readers. The catalogue is an excellent means of promoting Poland’s academic heritage and history of science.

The catalogue is available in a hard copy version, in English and also digitally (on a specially designed website in English – Treasures House of Polish Academic Heritage


In 2020 The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has granted additional funding as part of the Support for Museal activity program. The project submitted by the Association of University Museums made it to the top of this list with the greatest number of points. Additional funding of 141,500 PLN was distributed. The “TREASURES OF THE POLISH UNIVERSITY HERITAGE” project concerns the design and publishing of an English language catalog detailing the most valuable specimens of the 102 museum facilities affiliated with institutions of higher learning. We extend our thanks to all of our members for their engagement and help. This success must be credited to all AUM members involved in the promotion of academic heritage in Poland. The project concludes on December 31st of 2020.

Results can be seen at:…/wyniki-programu-wspieranie-dzialan-muzea…

The “TREASURES OF THE POLISH UNIVERSITY HERITAGE” project has received additional funding from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage through the use of the Fund for the Promotion of Culture gathered through surcharges on games covered by the monopoly of the state, in accordance with article 80 of the act from November 19th, 2009 concerning gambling.

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