The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has granted additional funding as part of the Support for Museal activity program.

The project submitted by the Association of University Museums made it to the top of this list with the greatest number of points. Additional funding of 141,500 PLN was distributed. The “TREASURES OF THE POLISH UNIVERSITY HERITAGE” project concerns the design and publishing of an English language catalog detailing the most valuable specimens of the 102 museum facilities affiliated with institutions of higher learning. We extend our thanks to all of our members for their engagement and help. This success must be credited to all AUM members involved in the promotion of academic heritage in Poland. The project concludes on December 31st of 2020.

Results can be seen at:…/wyniki-programu-wspieranie-dzialan-muzea…

The “TREASURES OF THE POLISH UNIVERSITY HERITAGE” project has received additional funding from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage through the use of the Fund for the Promotion of Culture gathered through surcharges on games covered by the monopoly of the state, in accordance with article 80 of the act from November 19th, 2009 concerning gambling.

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