Hall of Tradition
War Studies University
al. Gen. A. Chruściela ‛Montera’ 103
00-910 Warsaw
Tel. (22) 261 814 016, (22) 261 814 628
(Office issuing security passes);
(22) 261 814 686 – Curator of the Hall
Free admission
Mondays – Fridays: 7.30 am – 3.30 pm
Head of Educational Department: Lt. Col. Maciej Bogdan
Curator of the Hall of Tradition: Major Sebastian Kostecki

The War Studies University was opened on 1 October 2016 pursuant to the Act dated 20 May 2016 on the establishment of a War Studies University (Journal of Laws, item 906). The purpose of the university, which is the successor to the achievements of similar, earlier establishments, is to train officers to be commanders, to work at staff headquarters, and for jobs in military and civil institutions related to state defence. Civilian youth are prepared to take up public tasks in
particular in the field of national security and crisis response. The War Studies University is above all the continuator of the traditions of the Wojskowa Szkoła Aplikacyjna (a school for training military personnel in the years 1820–1831) and the Wyższa Szkoła Wojenna (Higher War School) (a military academy in operation in the years 1919–1946). While
preserving the legacy of many generations, the War Studies University sets out fresh ways of thinking about military trends by carrying out innovative research, providing a high standard of education and the use of up-to-date knowledge of and practices in the art of war, thereby responding to the current and future needs of the Armed Forces. Furthermore, the university contributes to the development and consolidation of military security in Poland, the European Union and NATO through its expertise and research into defence and security, as well as promoting patriotic attitudes and a respect for national traditions. These tasks are carried out based on the highest ethical and civic standards such as striving for truth, respect for knowledge, patriotism, reliability, openness to new ideas and respect for people. Training and education, which is carried out as part of the professional development of the officers of the Polish Armed Forces, takes place in the Military Faculty, which is made up of academics in active service, and is characterized by its high class theoretical and practical preparation. The university also provides education for civilians under all three study cycles (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees) as well as postgraduate degrees. The university has three faculties: Faculty of
National Security, Faculty of Management and Command and the Military Faculty, which are responsible for teaching. The university has a Military Simulations Centre – the only one in Poland and also one of the most modern in Europe – a specialized Training Centre for Defence against Weapons of Mass Destruction, and as well as a Security Research Centre, which is a centre for carrying out analyses and expertise for the needs of public authorities. Students have the use of modern lecture halls and laboratories, 12 conference rooms, a computerized library containing nearly one million volumes, an online reading room, nearly 1,000 hotel and boarding rooms, a students’ canteen, a restaurant and a wide selection of sports facilities: sports halls, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, sports stadium with an athletics track, and tennis courts. The university’s students can also participate in exchange programmes with partner universities under the Erasmus+ programme. All exhibits that are related to the history of the university can be found in the Hall of Traditions.