Museum of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry
Jagiellonian University – Medical College
ul. Montelupich 4
31-155 Kraków
Tel. (12) 424 54 25

The Museum of Dentistry was opened in Autumn 2019 in the building of the Institute of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University, Medical College. It is the oldest dental institute in Poland and was opened in the Faculty of Medicine in 1903 under the supervision of Prof. Wincenty Jacek Łepkowski (1866–1935). The exhibition shows a dental surgery from the times of Prof. Łepkowski, the original office of the doyen of orthodontics in Kraków, Prof. Kazimierz Dominik and a dental surgery dating from the 1960s. The museum also houses a library Museum of Dentistry collection containing doctoral theses and post doctoral research work of dentists in Kraków, as well as academic and didactic work of the staff of the Institute of Dentistry published after the Second World War, including journals, manuscripts, textbooks and books. There is also a collection of commemorative medals relating to dentistry. The ‛POKOLENIA’ (Generations) gallery on the stairs, which lead to the museum has a display on ten boards which depicts the 220-year history of dentistry at the university in Kraków.