Museum of Handbooks
ul. Podchorążych 2
30-084 Kraków
Tel. (12) 662 63 72
Free admission
Mondays, Thursdays,
Fridays: 8.30 am – 2.30 pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays: 1 pm – 7 pm
Curators: Bartłomiej Duda MA, Piotr Milc MA

The Museum of Handbooks of the Pedagogical University began operating on 4 April 2014. Its first seat was the Centre for Educational and Social Initiatives located at ul. Jęczmienna 5 in Kraków. In 2018 the museum collection was incorporated into the Main Library of the Pedagogical University. The inspiration to create a special collection
was due to work undertaken in the Main Library in the years 2012–2013 with regard to the organization and selection of books. Thanks to funding obtained under the grant ‛Activities for Promulgating Learning’, it was possible to select the oldest books and organize them within a special subset. In the following years the collection was enlarged and
supplemented. Successive work is also underway to digitize the collection and to make the oldest exhibits available through the intermediary of the Pedagogical Digital Library. The goal of the museum is to amass the largest possible collection of textbooks – the collection amasses first editions of each publication, as well as subsequent editions
which have been revised or otherwise supplemented. The idea behind the collection is to gather together all kinds of publications of this type, with the exclusion of old books. As far as the newest publications are concerned, they do not include textbooks for the current academic curricula. The museum’s collections include school textbooks, academic
textbooks, scripts, workbooks, self-learning materials, didactic materials, and literature on the organization of educational establishments and school management. The museum collects both Polish and foreign publications. The collection of the Museum of Handbooks is of an academic nature. The book collection is used by academic staff and students of the Pedagogical University, as well as by scholars of the history of teaching and education. The digitized version of the textbooks is accessible at:
Piotr Milc MA, Bartłomiej Duda MA