Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts
Krakowskie Przedmieście 5
00-068 Warsaw
Tel. (22) 320 02 05
Director: Jolanta Gola PhD
Staff: Katarzyna Jankowska-Cieślik MA, Jacqueline Irene Horodyńska, Joanna Kania MA, Agnieszka Szewczyk MA

The museum was established in 1985. The main part of the collection dates back to the years 1958–1985, when the so-called ‛Gallery’ of students’ competition and diploma works (also known as ‛the Archives’) was still active. This collection is still being enlarged, in part thanks to the teachers connected with the academy. The museum currently has approx. 27,000 exhibits representing almost all kinds of artistic activities: paintings, sculptures, models, graphics (both artwork and design), illustrations and graphic art for books, drawings, posters, handicrafts: textiles, ceramics, furniture, industrial designs, architectural designs, documents related to the teaching process, documentation of artistic activities. The museum also has numerous archival records, including photographs, audio and video recordings and other documents related to the life of the academy and its teachers. The main idea behind establishing the collection was to document the creative process. In accordance with this concept, the principal focus was to be on the process that leads to the creation of a work of art – such as sketches, drawings, notes – rather than the final outcome, the artwork itself. As a result the museum is now the proud owner of only a few, but complete, sets of original works. Nowhere else in Poland is there such a wide representation of the works of artists such as Władysław Skoczylas, Wojciech Jastrzębowski, Tadeusz Tuszewski, Mieczysław Szymański, Jerzy Sołtan, Oskar Hansen, Lech Tomaszewski, Wanda Paklikowska-Winnicka and Henryk Morel. The museum also has themed collections, such as a series of works by the Artistic and Research Workshops of the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP), as well as by the studios of Oskar Hansen, Roman Owidzki and Tadeusz Tuszewski. There are also valuable collections, original authorship works and documentation, on loan to the museum (by Eugeniusz Arct, Jerzy Stajuda, Krzysztof Jung, as well as a selection from the Krzysztof Musiał collection, and archival materials relating to the Repassage Gallery and the group of artists Gruppa, as well as photographic documentation of independent artistic life in the 1980s). The museum works on the basis of the regulations approved by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The museum also runs classes. Starting from the first months of 2021 it will have its own space for exhibitions.

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