Museum of the Adam Mickiewicz University
ul. Św. Marcin 90 (Collegium Iuridicum)
61-809 Poznań
Tel. (61) 829 47 40
Museum office open:
Mondays – Fridays: 10 am – 3 pm
(Other times can be booked by appointment only).
Director: Prof. Andrzej Gulczyński
Staff: Marta Kalisz-Zielińska PhD, Agnieszka Wajroch

The museum was established in 2016 and its seat is located in the Collegium Iuridicum – a building which had already belonged to the university in the interwar period. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Collegium Minus building which still accommodates lecture halls and the rector’s offices. The museum collects memorabilia relating to the university, its staff and alumni. The present collection comprises almost two thousand items, including scientific apparatuses, furniture, iconography, distinctions, diplomas, manuscripts, and everyday items offered by university entities and individuals. The most valuable items include memorabilia received from the family of the outstanding mediaevalist and rector, Prof. Gerard Labuda, manuscripts and photographs from the physicist, Prof. Stanisław Kielich, and a leveller – used by archaeologists – belonging to Prof. Józef Kostrzewski who was also one of the founders of the university. The museum also records the accounts of members of staff and graduates of the university and these materials will be used to supplement the individual stands of the permanent and temporary exhibitions. Currently (in 2020), work is underway on the implementation of a project to create a permanent exhibition which will occupy nearly 900 sq. metres. The permanent exhibition will be devoted to the university as a whole, taking into account its changing structure and the individual fields of learning from its establishment as the University of the Piast Dynasty in 1919 to the present day. The first part of the exhibition will introduce the academic history of Poznań starting with the establishment of the Lubrański Academy in 1519. The main part of the exhibition will show the university’s development as an institution (its structure and infrastructure) and the scholars and student community (including the daily life of the university, courses, the careers of researchers) as well as the place of the university and its staff and students in the life of the city, region, Poland and the academic world. They will be displayed not only using original exhibits, but also using modern high-tech multimedia presentations. The exhibition also aims to recreate the university’s networks including its present and former seats, professors’ apartments and other places essential to academic life (canteens, cafes, theatres, clubs, meeting places, etc.). The AMU Museum also has storage space adapted to its needs, covering an area of nearly 150 sq. metres. The project also provides space for temporary exhibitions, workshops, a shop and a café.
Prof. Andrzej Gulczyński, Anna Wojtera MSc

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