Museum of the Łódź University of Technology
ul. Żeromskiego 116
90-924 Łódź
Tel. (42) 631 20 76
Free admission (advance booking is essential).
Mondays – Fridays: 9 am – 2 pm
Director: Małgorzata Wilbik MA
Curator: Krystyna Popiel

The museum was established in 1985, in the year of the university’s 40th anniversary. The idea of opening a museum was put forward in early 1985 by Doc. Marian Mieszkowski, a close associate of Prof. Bohdan Stefanowski, founder and first rector of the Łódź University of Technology. The idea was approved by the rector and the senate. The museum was part of the university’s Main Library, while care of the collections was supervised by the Museum Council. The regulations drawn up by the university’s Museum Council were approved on 8 November 1985 by the Vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Czesław Strumiłło. In 1992, in connection with the university’s upcoming 50th anniversary, the Museum Council was transformed into the Rector’s Historical Committee, and by decision of the rector a History Laboratory of the Łódź University of Technology was established. Its main tasks included collecting materials on the history of the university, managing all matters related to the museum and preparing publications on the history of the Łódź University of Technology. In October 2000, the museum received new, more spacious premises of 100 sq. metres in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering building, where it is located to this day. Moving the museum to new, renovated premises also enabled setting up a permanent exhibition presenting the history of the university and the organization of commemorative exhibitions. In October 2019, in connection with the 75th anniversary of the university’s establishment, the rector, Prof. Sławomir Wiak, by Order no. 52/2019, established the Museum of the Łódź University of Technology as a university entity subordinate to the rector’s office. The museum collects documents on the history of the Łódź University of Technology, decorations and distinctions awarded to the university and its staff, commemorative medals, publications by the university’s authorities, the oldest scripts, some patents, souvenirs and personal documents of eminent members of the university staff, photographs and videos of university celebrations and photographs of the university staff, researchers, buildings and laboratories, as well as numerous mementoes of its collaboration with other universities and international cooperation. The museum also collects old devices, measuring and computing apparatus, laboratory equipment and models intended for research. In 2012, part of the students’ chemical laboratory was reconstructed for the needs of the museum. The main element of the display is a laboratory table dating from 1949, made by Fabryka Mebli w Radomsku (The Furniture Factory in Radomsko) according to a design by Prof. Osman Achmatowicz, second rector of the Łódź University of Technology in 1948–1952. On the occasion of the university’s 75th anniversary, the museum has prepared a new permanent exhibition presenting the oldest documents on its history, decorations and distinctions awarded to the university, the oldest rectors’ insignia, the first student documents, scripts and textbooks. In 1987 the museum started publishing life histories of deceased and distinguished members of staff (after gaining the approval of the Senate) in the established Księga Pamięci Osób Zasłużonych dla Politechniki Łódzkiej (Book in Honour of People of Merit at the Łódź University of Technology). Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions.
Małgorzata Wilbik MA, Krystyna Popiel