Museum of the University of Rzeszów
al. Rejtana 16c
35-959 Rzeszów
Tel. (17) 872 12 71
Free admission (temporary exhibitions)
Tuesdays – Thursdays: 10 am – 1 pm
(accessing the collections)
Visiting at other times is possible (please book in advance).
Marta Wójcik MA

The museum of the University of Rzeszów was founded on 1 October 2002 by the rector of the university, Prof. Włodzimierz Bonusiak, on the basis of the university’s charter of 12 September 2002. The museum does not operate as a faculty and is financed directly by the central administration. The museum is related to the opening of the University of Rzeszów, which was established under the Act of 7 June 2001 as a result of the merger of the Higher Teacher Training School in Rzeszów, the Rzeszów Branch of the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, and the Faculty of Economics in Rzeszów of the University of Agriculture in Kraków. Therefore, many of the items in the museum’s collections are souvenirs related to the functioning of the aforementioned, no longer existing institutions, as well as items, including documents and photographs, which are of particular importance to the history of the University of Rzeszów. Moreover, the collections of the Museum of the University of Rzeszów are exhibits which were donated in 2004 by the Museum of Education, run by students of the University of the Third Age, and they are valuable souvenirs illustrating the history of education in south-eastern Poland (school certificates from the end of the 19th- to the mid-20th century, school uniforms and school supplies, students’ notebooks and teachers journals). The museum does not have a permanent exhibition. The exhibitions that are organized are of a temporary nature and are usually on display in a separate area of the rector’s offices and other university buildings. Several initiatives undertaken by the museum in recent years deserve special mention. These include a series of exhibitions of theatre posters organized in collaboration with the Wanda Siemaszko Theatre in Rzeszów, including posters of the Opera in Frankfurt am Main by Gunter Rambow, and an exhibition of work by Stephan Bundi from Switzerland. In January 2019, Armenian Day was organized in cooperation with the Armenian Foundation – the rst initiative of its kind at the University of Rzeszów. From 2015 the museum has been involved in commemorating the Jewish community in Rzeszów. In January 2020, in collaboration with the Department of Jewish History and Culture at the University of Rzeszów, an exhibition was prepared to sum up the 12 years of International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Outer SubCarpathia region (Podkarpacie) organized by the university. The exhibition was shown to Alexander Ben Zvi, the Israeli Ambassador to Poland. The museum organizes exhibitions in cooperation with the university’s academic staff and with the university’s Institute of Archaeology, which
runs classes in museology.