Museum of the Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Nowowiejska 22
00-665 Warsaw
Tel. (22) 234 74 93
Free admission
Mondays – Fridays: 8.30 am – 3.30 pm
Acting Director: Associate Professor Wojciech Urbański
Staff: Elżbieta Borysowicz MA, Izabela Koptoń-Ryniec MA, Agnieszka Trzaskoma

The concept of a museum within a technical university in Warsaw was put forward when it still functioned as the Tsar Nicholas II Polytechnic Institute. Tygodnik Ilustrowany (The Illustrated Weekly) No. 1 of 4 January 1902 mentions the existence of such a museum. The idea was reintroduced during the communist era – under the Polish People’s Republic.
The Museum of the Warsaw University of Technology was established in 1978 on the initiative of the rector, Prof. Stanisław Pasynkiewicz. The museum’s task was to collect, store and provide access to the collections on the history and traditions of the university. The custodian of the museum was Tadeusz Banasik MSc. In the years 1981–1984, the museum organized seven exhibitions and the staff published a number of articles about the university’s collections and history. When Tadeusz Banasik left, an opening for the position of director of the museum was announced. The role was taken over by Andrzej Ulmer, who is still director to this day. Until 2001, the museum was a department within the university’s Main Library. In the year marking the university’s 175th anniversary, the rector, Prof. Jerzy Woźnicki, decided to transform the museum into a separate entity. By resolution of the Senate no. 127/XLIV/2001 dated 16 May 2001, the Museum of the Warsaw University of Technology became an interdepartmental entity with clearly defined tasks, reporting directly to the vice-rector for general affairs. A Museum Council was established as an advisory body, while supervision over the museum was taken over by the Senate Committee responsible for History and Tradition. At the turn of 2001 and 2002, the museum acquired new premises (with a total area of 450 sq. metres) in the annexe to the Aerodynamics building. In November 2015, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Renewal of the Tradition of the Warsaw University of Technology, an exhibition hall was opened in the university’s Main Building where a permanent exhibition ‛The History of the Warsaw University of Technology’ is on display. In February 2020, the museum relocated to new offices and a temporary exhibition room at ul. Nowowiejska 22. In accordance with the regulations of the Warsaw University of Technology (Senate Resolution no. 426/XLIX/2019 and an Ordinance of the
Rector No. 92/2019), the museum is an entity within the university that conducts research and teaching activities and which provides services in the field of collecting and disseminating museum collections related to technology, science and education, in particular related to the Warsaw University of Technology. The museum is subordinated to the rector, and supervision is exercised by the vice-rector for science. The museum disseminates knowledge about the university’s history as well as the history of technology, science and education, in particular among students and staff of the university. The museum cooperates with the Senate Committee on History and Tradition. The Museum Council is its consultative and advisory body. The museum’s activities include organizing permanent and temporary exhibitions (60 have been organized since 2002), publishing (publications and catalogues), academic (acquiring and cataloguing collections, organizing conferences, making collections available for academic and educational purposes), educational (guided tours, lectures at the Seniors’ Club of the Warsaw University of Technology) and the conservation and archiving of the collection. In the organization of exhibitions, the museum collaborates with private individuals and institutions, including: the Central Archives of Modern Records, the State Archives in Warsaw, the National Digital Archives, the Warsaw Rising Museum, the Museum of Warsaw, the Praga Museum of Warsaw, the University of Warsaw Museum, the Museum of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the Polish Army Museum, the Museum of Technology, and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews – POLIN. The museum’s collection includes approx. 6,000 exhibits, including documents, books, photographs, medals, postcards and various devices. The oldest exhibits are related to Stanisław Staszic.
Andrzej Ulmer PhD

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