The “Open Campus” project realized by the Association of University Museums as well as the Museum of the University of Warsaw has facilitated the creation of ten virtual guided tours allowing visitors to sightsee the University, an extraordinary place that is full of history and secrets which deserve to be discovered. The University of Warsaw possesses unique collections and buildings reflecting the history of Poland’s education and culture. Visiting the Kazimierz Palace, old University Library building, former museum building, Czetwertyński-Uruski Palace or the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace – the current seat of the Museum of UW – you will find out about the best place on campus to look for a locomotive, the place that is best explored through maps, whether the University ever housed elephants and what is the connection between king Stanisław August Poniatowski and … a certain fireplace decorative plate. Our virtual tours are the answer to the restrictions preventing the visiting of the campus connected to the pandemic. Their publication will commence on August 17th, 2020 on the project’s web page, the Museum of UW web page, and on social media. New episodes will become available every week.

The “Open Campus” project has received additional funding from the National Center of Culture as part of the Culture on the Web Program.

Organizer: Association of University Museums
Partners: Museum of the University of Warsaw, Warsaw University, the Promotion Office of the University of Warsaw
Honorary patronage: JM Rector of the University of Warsaw
Media patronage: Radio Kampus, Meeting History (Spotkania z Zabytkami)


On May 8th, 2020 the National Center for Culture concluded its recruiting process for the Culture on the Web funding program financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The Association of University Museums along with the Museum of the University of Warsaw was granted additional funding for the “Open Campus” project. The Culture of the Web program has met with extensive, greater than any other National Center for Culture funding program, interest with 5,948 applications requesting a sum exceeding 471 million PLN being submitted. After formal and content-related assessment 1,182 winning projects were selected. The phase of agreement signing and first payments will start as early as May of this year. 60,000,000 PLN will reach project beneficiaries located all over Poland providing support for and development of culture and art-related activity during the time of the coronavirus epidemic. All effects of these activities will be available online free of charge. Additional funding was provided by the National Center for Culture as part of the Culture on the Web program.