In 2017 the Association of University Museums developed a catalog presenting a number of selected exhibits from Polish academic museums. This publication is the first of its kind and compiles knowledge about museums affiliated with universities, technical universities, academies, and other higher-learning institutions and a cross-sectional presentation of the academic heritage in all of its complexity (from works of art, artifacts, and documents through technological items to natural specimens).

The realization of the catalog was made possible through the support of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage who had awarded the “University Museums. Catalogue of Collection” project additional funding using the Culture Promotion Fund which is a part of the Support for Museum activity priority objective. The National Institute of Museology and Collections Protection is the coordinating institution representing the ministry.

The project aims to get the publication to people who represent the field of academic museums and the expansion of shared awareness regarding available collections (a significant aspect of the Association of University Museum’s conference held in November, more information here). It is equally important, however, to make an electronic version of the catalog available online so that anyone showing interest in this area can use it as a guide to academic heritage.

Additional funding has been provided by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.