University School’s History Centre
ul. Ignacego Jana
Paderewskiego 35
51-612 Wrocław
Tel. (71) 347 33 49
Mondays and Thursdays: 10 am – 1 pm, (please contact the centre to make an appointment to visit on another day).
Director: Ryszard Jasiński PhD – Chairman of the AWF Senate History Committee
Staff: Regina Kumala PhD, Elżbieta Radziwon

By decisions of the Senate of the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław of 26 September 2002 and 25 October 2002, the University School’s History Centre and the AWF Senate History Committee were established. The founder and main organizer of the centre was the late Prof. Bogdan Czabański who, following the example of other universities, came up with the idea of setting up a museum. He was also the first chair of the university’s Senate History Committee. After his death, the role was taken over first by Ryszard Jezierski, then by Prof. Zbigniew Naglak, Prof. Lesław Kulmatycki and it is now held by Ryszard Jasiński. The centre amasses, safeguards and makes accessible source
documents, photographs and exhibits of historical value as well as all other materials related to the establishment, development and activities of the university. The centre documents the academic teaching and sports achievements of the university and also stores and safeguards materials concerning outstanding figures and important events in the university’s history, as well as all source documentation, exhibits and other documents of historical value, photographs and material acquired about the establishment, development and activities of the university. Since 2009, each year the university has been publishing Zeszyty Historyczne (in fascicles), which are devoted to distinguished figures of the University School of Physical Education and important events (including its 70th anniversary in 2016). Almost every year, commemorative photographic exhibitions are organized, and in the main foyer of the building there is a permanent exhibition of archival materials concerning the establishment of the university school. The centre’s collections also include photocopies of many historical documents relating to the first years of the university school’s activities, a collection of more than 20,000 photographs (both historical and current ones), including photocopies of handwritten CVs of the professors of the former College of Physical Education (Studium Wychowania Fizycznego) and other memorabilia. Other valuable materials include chronicles concerning student life and regularly documented interviews with distinguished figures of the university school (mainly in the form of video recordings). Annual meetings with the rector and doyens of the school to cultivate the memory of important events and people related to the university have become a tradition.