Virtual Museum
SGH Warsaw School of Economics
al. Niepodległości 162
02-554 Warsaw
Tel. (22) 564 60 00
Virtual Museum
Curator: Barbara Trzcińska PhD

The Virtual Museum of the Warsaw School of Economics – the oldest university of economics in Poland, is a virtual museum that can be visited at any time from almost every corner of the world. The school’s history dates back to 1906 when August Zieliński founded the Private Courses on Trade for Men. The school changed its name several times, but has always taught and is still teaching outstanding economists, diplomats and politicians. The museum introduces you to the history of the Warsaw School of Economics and the history of the campus which was designed by architect Jan Witkiewicz-Koszczyc. You can participate in a virtual tour of three of the campus’ most beautiful and historic buildings – Building A, which used to be known as the Laboratory Pavilion (Pawilon Zakładów Doświadczalnych), built in the years 1925–1926, the Library Building, built in 1928–1930, and the Main Building built in the early 1950s. The notes prepared by Witkiewicz-Koszczyc, at the time the school’s most important buildings were being raised, and designs of the buildings as well as articles on the history of the campus, are of great interest. Testimony of the buildings’ value for Polish national culture is the fact that the campus was entered in the Masovian Voivodeship Register of Monuments in 2008. The historical part of the museum includes 18 subpages which contain an extensive collection of documents related to the founding of the school, its former (historical) names, a calendar, an archival list of lecturers with lecture topics, a book recording the first people who were awarded doctoral degrees and post-doctoral (habilitation) degrees. It also presents a series of rectors, the people who were on the school’s board since its inception, banners, insignia, profiles of professors and people awarded honorary degrees by the Warsaw School of Economics. The museum presents the most important events celebrating the history of today’s Warsaw School of Economics – inaugurations, reunions of alumni, the 90th, centenary and 110th anniversaries of the school as well events in the life of its academic community. It also presents profiles of its alumni who have had an important role in economic and political life and who have helped create cultural life in Poland. It contains reminiscences of visits to the school by distinguished guests which included presidents, prime ministers, and founders of global companies. The virtual museum also contains reminiscences of outstanding members of staff who, thanks to their many years of hard work, have had an impact on today’s very high standing of the Warsaw School of Economics both in Poland and among international universities specializing in economics.
Barbara Trzcińska PhD