‘Academic heritage for the future of science’

April 26-29, 2022, Warsaw, Poland


We are pleased to invite you to the conference “Academic heritage for the future of science” which will take place on  26 – 29 April 2022 in Warsaw, Poland.

The idea of the conference is to promote the history of Polish science and academic heritage, present its scientific achievements in the wider European and international context, including also the most recent research outcomes in the field of history of science and academic heritage. Moreover, the aim of the conference is to exchange and share professional experience with best European and international university units dealing with academic heritage. Among the invited guests there will be experts and representatives from international museum organisations.


26/04/2022, day one – ‘Academic heritage for world science’
12.00 – start of the conference.

1st panel – ‘Touch the heritage’

  • The essence and significance of academic heritage: definitions, interpretations, location.
  • Academic heritage as a tool for building a scientific career.
  • The role and tasks of museums and academic collections in the creation, preservation and interpretation of heritage.
  • International research projects in the field of academic heritage.
  • Polish academic heritage as part of the world cultural heritage.
  • Projects and exhibitions about academic heritage around the world.
  • The latest research trends in academic heritage.

27/04/2022, day two – ‘Contribution of outstanding scientists to the world academic heritage’
2nd panel – ‘Scholars and heritage’

  • Outstanding scholars and academic collections and heritage promotion
  • Marked legacies. Problems of interpretation and narration around a difficult heritage.
  • Scholars and researchers in the context of university collections.
  • Contribution of outstanding Poles to the world academic heritage.
  • The legacy of eminent scientists and their research around the world.

3rd panel – ‘Good practices for promoting and protecting academic heritage in the world’

  • Local or global? Problems and priorities of museums and academic collections.
  • Networks of museums and academic collections and university alliances to support, motivate and safeguard the tangible and intangible dimensions of academic heritage.
  • Between the curator and the researcher. Phenomena and problems.
  • Cooperation of university museums in Poland and in the world.
  • Internationalization of academic heritage – selected projects.
  • Presentation of academic heritage around the world.

28/04/2022, day three – ‘Academic heritage in Warsaw’

4th panel – ‘Museums and university collections in Warsaw. At the meeting of tradition and modernity’. A day reserved for getting to know Warsaw’s university museums.

29/04/2022, day five – ‘Scientific digital collections’

5th panel – ‘University museums during the pandemic and beyond – the digital dimension of heritage’

  • Digitization initiatives realized by museums and academic collections, taking into account the determining structures and characteristics of collections.
  • Social media as a tool of promotion and communication with the recipient of academic heritage.
  • Pandemic situation and isolation as a factor driving digital projects in the activity of museums and academic collections.

Conference admission is free of charge and we very much hope that you are interested to participate.
For registration to the conference, please fill in and submit the online form until 1 March 2022.

We very much look forward seeing you in April in Warsaw!

Conference organizer: Association of University Museums
University of Warsaw Museum,
Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Medical University of Białystok,
Museum of the Medical University of Gdańsk,
Jagiellonian University Museum,
University of Gdańsk Museum

Honorary patronage of the Rector of the University of Warsaw




Co-financed by the “Excellent Science” programme of the Ministry of Education and Science.