The exhibition Bellum et Artes Casus Silesiae.  Fine Arts and Religion in Silesia During the Wars in the 17th Century

This shall be a story about war, about one of the most extensive conflicts that have ever torn through Europe. The war broke out in the 17th century, lasted thirty years, and covered the entire heart of the continent. However, this shall not be a story about battles and campaigns, but about the people who were destined to live in the shadows of the conflict for decades. We learn about the fate of those people, among other things, thanks to artists such as painters, illustrators, and architects, whose works reflected their wartime experience and who were challenged with particular tasks set by the war.

Our story will focus on the region of Silesia. In the 17th century, due to the geopolitical and religious situation, the local population found themselves in an extremely complicated position.

Exhibition concept and texts:
Agnieszka Seidel-Grzesińska, PhD
Marcin Wisłocki, PhD

Exhibition organised by: Museum of the University of Wrocław

The exhibition has been produced through the collaboration between the Institute of Art History of the University of Wrocław and the Museum of the University of Wrocław and is part of an international research and exhibition project ‘Bellum et Artes. War, Art and Diplomacy in Central Europe During the Thirty Years’ War’ led by the Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe in Leipzig (GWZO) in cooperation with the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD).

The vernissage of the exhibition: 17th May 2023, 12:30 p.m., The Museum of the University of Wrocław, The Mathematical Tower, Wrocław, 1 Uniwersytecki Square

During the opening, it will be possible to purchase at a discount the bilingual (pl / en) publication accompanying the exhibition by Agnieszka Seidel-Grzesińska, PhD and Marcin Wisłocki, PhD.

We look forward to seeing you!