Hall of Tradition and History of the School
Hall of the History of Forensic Science
ul. Jana Kilińskiego 24
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The Police School in Słupsk is the oldest institution in Poland which teaches and trains members of the Police force. It was established on 1 June 1945 as a Training Centre (Centrum Wyszkolenia) which combined three schools: The School for Officers, a Police Recruits School, and a Police Dog Training Centre. Land and premises were granted to the centre by the city. The most important and valuable part of this donation was a magnificent school building which was once a German secondary school which the Germans had converted into a military hospital during the Second World War. The first commander of the school was Colonel Jan Płotnicki who before the war had been provincial commander of the State Police. In 1947 the training centre received a banner financed by the citizens of Słupsk. This banner is now on display in the Hall of Tradition and History of the school. In September 1954, for reasons still unknown, the Police Training Centre in Słupsk was closed. The Officers’ School was moved to Szczytno (now the Police Academy in Szczytno) and the Police Recruit School was moved to Piła (now the local Police Recruit School). A month later, the Commander-in-Chief of the Citizens’ Militia ordered that a new school be opened in the vacated buildings of the former training centre. This was to be a Training Centre for Citizens’ Militia Recruits. Three years later, in 1957, the training centre was converted into a school for non-commissioned police officers. Due to the change in its profile in 1985 the decision was made to change its name to the Citizens’ Militia School; however, due to a later wave of political changes the name had to be changed yet again. Since 10 August 1990, it has been a Police School and is one of five such establishments in Poland. The Hall of Tradition and History of the school was originally located in the main teaching centre building and consisted of a single exhibition room with a wide corridor which contained a small collection of archival materials. In 1995, on the occasion of the school’s 50th anniversary, the exhibition hall was moved to larger premises in the historic Eschenhagen family villa which also houses the Students’ Club. The souvenirs and objects connected with the functioning of the police training centre are on display in three exhibition rooms. In 2008, the activities related to documenting the history of the Police
School were extended by opening a Hall of the History of Forensic Science in the cellars of the then Forensics Department. This was possible thanks to the initiative of lecturers on forensics who donated their own collections, as well as equipment and devices that had been withdrawn from use.