Hall of Tradition
Gdynia Maritime University
ul. Morska 83
Rooms 207, 208 and 208a
81-225 Gdynia
Tel. (58) 55 86 650
Free admission
Mondays – Fridays: 9 am – 2 pm
Group visits (advance booking is essential).
Joanna Stasiak MA

The collecting of exhibits related to the history of the State Maritime School in Gdynia (the original name of the Gdynia Maritime University) date back to the mid 1930s. The State Maritime School Museum was founded on the 15th anniversary of the school, which taught merchant navy officers and staff of the maritime economy. During the Second
World War the exhibits were scattered but after 1945 measures were taken to consolidate and supplement the collection. Decades later, the Museum of the Maritime School was established on the basis of Order No. 6 of the rector, Prof. Daniel Duda, Master Mariner dated 2 April 1973. In 1978 the name of the museum was changed to the Hall of Tradition
and its seat was moved to the main building of the Maritime Academy at ul. Morska 83, Gdynia. The Hall of Tradition operated as part of the academy’s library. From 1990 it was part of the rector’s office and in 2002 again became part of the library. Almost 10,000 exhibits have been amassed over the years, including documents and memorabilia which
are varied in character and value as exhibits. The main collection comprises equipment for ships, models of training
ships, uniforms, banners, souvenirs from training missions, commemorative medals, personal documents, materials related to the development of teaching at the university and its organization, handwritten
recollections, journey logs, photographs, films, recordings, press documentation and publications prior to 1945. The exhibits include gifts from the alumni, staff and individuals connected with the university. The permanent exhibition and the collection of documents covers a space of more than 130 sq. metres. The collection is displayed in temporary themed exhibitions and promulgated during classes held for varying audiences, in publications, at historical events held at the university and other venues, and also among social circles and institutions promoting marine history and
Ewa Otremba MA

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