Association of University Museums in Poland (AUM) will be attending the UMAC-UNIVERSEUM 2021 conference.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘New Opportunities & New Challenges in Times of COVID-19’.

AUM will present a catalog ‘Treasure Houses of Polish Academic Heritage’ and work on it. The authors of the presentation are Hubert Kowalski, PhD (President of the AUM, University of Warsaw Museum), Marek Bukowski, PhD (Vice President of the AUM, Museum of the Medical University of Gdansk) and Marta Piszczatowska, PhD (Vice President of the AUM, Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, Medical University of Bialystok).

Hubert Kowalski and Marek Bukowski will also deliver a paper ‘Hitchcock at the university museum: at first, earthquake – then, objects from the collection!’.

Monika Dunajko from the University of Warsaw Museum will also speak at the conference. She will present the topic ‘Research during the pandemic: Plaster casts from the collection of the University of Warsaw, Poland’.

Maciej Badowicz, from the Museum of the Medical University of Gdansk will present the topic ‘Closing time, learning time: A medievalist in a medical university museum’

The conference will take place online on 1-3 September 2021.

Information and program of the conference can be found on the UMAC website.

The participation of the Association of University Museums at the conference is very important. UNIVERSEUM is the European Network of Academic Heritage, while UMAC is the International Committee of Academic Museums and Collections, part of ICOM – International Council of Museums.