The catalog “Treasure Houses of Polish Academic Heritage” took second place in the category

“The most interesting museum publication” in the 15th edition of the “Mazowieckie Zdarzenia Muzealne – Wierzba” competition.


„Treasures Houses of Polish University Heritage is the first English-language catalogue presenting Poland’s academic heritage. Its aim is to reinforce the identity of Polish university museums and their collections and to present the most valuable objects from 106 of these museums. The museums and collections presented in the catalogue include the most important objects, which differ in character, origin and age. Their common denominator is their association with the university and the history of academia in its broadest sense.

“The catalog presents the entire spectrum of Polish academic achievements and in this way, under this common banner, it would like to inform people about lesser-known museums and universities which foreign students choose less frequently as places to study, but which often have highly interesting albeit less well-known collections.