Museum of Poznań University of Life Sciences
ul. Wojska Polskiego 69
60-625 Poznań
Tel. (61) 848 78 13
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Custodian: Danuta Dados MSc

The first exhibits were collected in the Main Library by Wacław Sokołowski, who was the director of the library at the time. He initiated and keenly promoted the establishment of a museum within the academy’s Main Library as early as in the late 1970s. After 1995 the museum’s further development was continued by the Association of Alumni. One of the major contributors to the revival of the museum’s activities was the then president of the association, Jan Baier. The association used it resources to equip an exhibition hall and a small storage room. The institution adopted its cataloguing principles based on guidelines for compiling an archived legacy of scholars of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polska Akademia Nauk). All new documents which come into the museum’s possession are recorded in an incoming register. Each document is recorded individually with the donor’s name, a description of the document, the date of receipt, the signature of the person accepting it and a document ID. The incoming documents are arranged into thematic units, forming in turn inventory units, and are recorded in the inventories according to formats corresponding with the sizes of the stored documents. Some of the more important items are photographs, facsimiles, albums, personal documents, medals and resolutions. Each incoming document is given an index card with a description and a mark indicating where it is stored. The index cards are arranged in alphabetical order. Visits to the museum can be arranged by telephone with a member of the staff. Some of the documents are on display in the cabinets. The exhibition, which is arranged chronologically, presents the university’s history and preserves its tradition. The exhibits are part of the museum’s collection, and have been donated by alumni and members of the university’s staff.
Danuta Dados, MSc